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At Cross Over the PROCESS of how we teach lines up with the CONTENT of what we teach. We weave together the development of character, knowledge and approriate practical skills. The way we teach is culturally, Biblically and academically relevant to vulnerable communities. Our approach deals with three components. 


HEART​ - character foundations

The most important thing for the students to learn as a foundation for their life is that they matter. They matter to God and they matter to us. And because they matter they should recognise themselves as people of quality and develop integrity and good character to match. When their hearts and minds change to see themselves in this way, positive behaviour change will follow.  In a Cross Over group we follow a specifically designed programme that intentionally and practically develops identity, purpose, wisdom, integrity and good relational skills in our students through the nitty-gritty of everyday life.


HEAD - academic knowledge

Our top academic priority is to establish strong numeracy and literacy skills and to teach our students to THINK both logically and creatively. We then add to this the core curriculum areas of science, art and ICT as well as an understanding of their own and other cultures through studying history and geography.


HANDS​ - practical skills

Students are taught practical skills to provide and care for themselves and their families, present and future. The first foundational skill taught in all Cross Over groups is farming, following the world-renowned Foundations for Farming programme. Alongside this come courses in hygiene, health and safety, as well as teaching on HIV/AIDS and healthy principles for family life. Later students are taught basic business skills.

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