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​To provide our students with quality education designed to their specific needs, we needed to rethink the way we teach and develop curriculum. Our students would be considered “special needs children” in other parts of the world. Many of the curriculums we have researched are not applicable for the students we serve. We are in the process of developing a curriculum that is culturally, academically and Biblically relevant. It will include a comprehensive bridging programme for students whose educational background has been compromised.Cross Over is developing educational packs for every age group that will provide the resources needed. A resource pack for any subject would include a curriculum overview, mentor guide notes, lesson plans, assessments, a mentor resource set and a student resource set. All packs will be designed to be used by mentors without any official teaching qualifications. They are also designed to maximise cost-effectiveness.


These resources are developed free of charge by volunteers. Our dream is that these resources will be provided on-line free of charge to vulnerable communities and organisations working into such communities. Printing and production is funded by donations from interested organizations and individuals. Resources may also be purchased by schools and like-minded organizations interested in using them for themselves. Although designed for a second language context, the resources are also easily adaptable for pupils with special needs.


If you would like more information or kept abreast of the curriculum development, please fill in the contact form.

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