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We dream of hundreds of churches starting Cross Over Study Groups to reach thousands of vulnerable children raising them up as a generation of godly men and women. At the same time we would be raising hundreds of godly mentors who would become a mighty force for good in Study Groups and schools accross the nation. Our hope is to be able to develop the first Cross Over study Groups and its resource venue The Lighthouse into a full scale model serving 130-150 students from pre-school to post-school along with a comprehensive character-based curriculum and a 3 year mentor training programme that will give mentors an opportunity to enter teaching training and move on into the formal sector.


Imagine, if you will, a time between 5 and 8 years from now, when a new wave of thousands of young people, 18 -23 year olds, is about to enter the national workforce of a country and take their places as the decision-makers, breadwinners, parents and future-shapers of that nation.


Imagine them like this:

Imagine them as farmers of outstanding ability already experienced in managing small  plots to the highest possible standard and now ready to take on any piece of land, from the smallest vegetable garden to the largest farm with such diligence and skill that there is an unprecedented abundance of food in the nation.


Imagine them as businessmen and women, as entrepreneurs at small and great level, who show real integrity and honesty, who truly have the best interests of the customer at heart and who have learned to make a profit without abusing or exploiting their fellowmen or their environment.

Imagine them as builders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, motor mechanics, drivers, machine operators, water engineers, computer technicians who offer a high quality service at a fair price, who don’t cheat and don’t waste and don’t steal and who steward their own and others’ resources wisely.


Imagine them as the service-providers of the nation: teachers, doctors, nurses, council members, civil service clerks and cleaners, police officers and soldiers, municipal workers and housing officers all passionate about uplifting the lives of others, all playing their part in building the nation without taking advantage of their positions for selfish gain. Imagine them as politicians who truly understand what it is to be a servant-leader!


Imagine them as a generation of young people full of health and vigour, free from the curse of HIV/AIDS because they have understood their own unique value and kept themselves sexually pure.


Imagine them starting new families as couples who know how to build faithful marriages and as parents who know how to build loving homes; as fathers whose hearts are turned towards their children, delighting in and discipling them in the ways of God; as mothers who manage their households and children with wisdom and kindness and who give faithful instruction.


Imagine them being mindful, even passionate, about caring for the poor among the nation and giving freely, generously and wisely of their time, talents and finances towards the needs of the widow, the orphan and the alien.


Imagine them having an understanding and appreciation of the great sweep of the nations, in all their variety of peoples, cultures, languages and lifestyles and worldviews and being caught up with God’s longing for every tribe and tongue to know His love through the Lord Jesus Christ.


Imagine them standing out in their workplaces and in their communities and being able to give a clear and persuasive answer to those who are bound to ask them – why? Why are you different? Why do you live with so much joy and so much hope…


Imagine them, thousands of them, with shining faces, skilful hands, sharp minds and characters of such nobility that they ‘appear as lights in the world in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation’ (Phil 2: 15,16).  Imagine them as a generation set apart from the generations who have gone before – a generation that has decided NOT to  continue in the stubborn and rebellious ways of their fathers; a generation who knows what is good and right and chooses to do it…. keeping the ways of the LORD.(Ps 78: 7-8)

Imagine the good they will do to that nation. Imagine their influence for the kingdom of God. Imagine the character and quality of the churches of which they are a part. Imagine their ‘light shining before men in such a way that they see their good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven’(Matt5:16)…


Imagine how their families, their workplaces, their churches, their communities, even their nation “will be filled with the KNOWLEDGE OF THE GLORY OF THE LORD” because people see Jesus in them!


We believe this is what education should be developing – people of godly character who impact their world for Jesus!

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